I greet all the brethren in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I do want to file this report especially to touch on what has happened and is still happening as I write this report. Much of this is due to much rain that has hit many parts of the country.

In Nairobi (Mathare) where we have a church, we have lost everything due to much flooding that took place in the region where our church building was located. All the building stones, iron sheets we had in place, and other materials were stolen by the goons when the government gave people a notice of 24 hours to vacate the place.

Many lives have been lost and many victims’ bodies have been removed from where they were trapped along the riverbank. Many homes and churches have been affected or washed away.

The distraction that the flooding brought in Nairobi and other parts of the country is immense in measure. We are looking for a temporary place where our church will operate for the time being. Do kindly pray for us, brethren. Items such as blankets, mattresses, and food for adults and children are urgently needed to help those who are in need. We pray the Lord will provide.

There’s still heavy rain within Nairobi and areas surrounding it, and this is still feeding the flooded areas. Stand with us in prayer that the lives of many may be safe and for the victims to get their homes back again and for their lives to return to normal.

Every Blessing.


In His Calvary,

Pastor John O. Orinda

Gospel Baptist Church

Nairobi, Kenya (EA)