“Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;

Deuteronomy 7:9

This verse has been on my heart as I have thought and looked back on what God has done. This month will mark 32 years since Ramona and I graduated from the Bible Institute. In November we joined our lives together before the Lord to serve Him. I can say nothing else, but that He HAS BEEN FAITHFUL in every step of our way!

There have been rough times, but God has been there with us. He has moved our paths on different occasions, but He has led us and stayed with us. We rejoice in the privilege of serving Him in the special place He has put us.

We want to thank you for your faithfulness as well. Staying with us throughout our journey serving the Lord. He has blessed us with three children.

Timothy, now married to Yessica, they have two precious daughters, Lyanna (5) and Helen (9 months). They live in Texas and serve in their local church in song leading and church nursery.

Melissa, now married to Jacob. They live in Charlotte, NC. Melissa is a schoolteacher and Jacob is studying his master’s degree in Bible and serving as an assistant pastor in their church in Huntersville, NC.

Natanael, still single. At present he is working trying to save up some money to go back to college to finish his studies as an IT. (Financially we were not able to help him stay in school this year.)

We rejoice to see them walk with the Lord and serve Him where they are. There is no greater joy than to see our kids walk in the Lord!

We also Praise the Lord for standing with us as we continue to serve our church here in Burlington, NC. We are at times where people have “itching ears” to God´s word and have a greater desire for the things of “the

present world. But again, we are reminded of our FAITHFULL God and our need to continue to stay Faithfull to Him. We see ups and downs as people come and go. We have visitors that come, we continue to share the Gospel with our coworkers and those around us and we continue to uplift those who are stray ward.

We are planning to have special services in June as an anniversary remembering God´s provision for the church building He has provided and also the five years He has allowed for us to be in NC preaching/pastoring.

In February the Lord allowed for me to fly to Texas and ride the bus into Mexico for a quick needed trip to our church in Victoria. What a exciting time I had as I sat in church Sunday morning and see with mine own eyes one of the men we worked with years back. Ramiro would bring his girlfriend to church but would not come in. He sat in his car. Till one day he heard my preaching on Hell and realized he needed to do something about it. He opened his heart to Jesus. We have seen him coming to church over the years not the faith fullest but did come regularly with his family. The pastor (Enoc) is working with the men getting them to have part in the services. It was the turn for Ramiro. Once again, I was reminded God is FAITHFULL! It is not as fast and quick we would like it, but God does work in lives when we stay faithful to him in doing our part.

Please continue to pray for our church in Victoria and their pastor Enoc Aldana and family.

The Lord allows us to continue preaching daily on Facebook every morning. We have seen God bless his word in many lives that have responded sharing how the daily word has helped them in their walk with the Lord.

Even though we do not see the whole picture of what God is doing, we rejoice in the opportunity to have a very small part in doing his work. We walk daily praying for God to continue to lead our every step in our ministry for him. He has not let our hearts lose our burden for our Mexican people. We still see the GREAT need of ministry on the Border in providing material for the Mexican people and the need of ministering to the churches and fellow preachers in Mexico. Continue to pray if the Lord leads that way, we may return to serve in that area.

Thank you for standing with us and praying so we can continue to serve our Lord. We just desire to stay FAITHFULL to him.

For His Service,

Timothy and Ramona Abbott


Will you pray with us?

  1. For God´s protection and provision as we continue to serve.
  2. For steadfastness as we face the struggles in ministry.
  3. Pray for the daily Bible teaching on Facebook.
  4. For our children and families as they serve the Lord.
  5. For God´s leading in our help to the work in Mexico.
  6. Safety as I travel preaching.
  7. Pray for Jacob as he continues his master’s degree studies.





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