Beloved in the Lord,

“For thou wilt not leave my soul in hell ; neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.» This is a statement proclaimed by the psalmist in Psalms 16/10. Indeed the Lord always protects and supports his beloved ones. He did it with regard to David as well as for Christ and his apostles, he also does it for us!

We begin our news by expressing our deep gratitude to the Lord for his grace and protection during these first 3 months of the year 2023. Despite the context of the current security crisis in our country. We recommend them to your prayers, so that Yahvé Jire crosses our country to them, my family and I are doing very well. So far the Lord has protected and guarded us. Our two children, Debora and Micah, had their Master’s degree in January with very good honors and we thank the Lord for the end of their studies. They now have to find work, which is not an easy thing in the context of opening the doors to work!

As for the ministry, again we give thanks to God for the progress. More and more people are converting to Christ, the church is growing in number; we also see young people grow in their commitment to follow and serve the Lord. We continue our outings of evangelization and social action towards the vulnerable people around us? Thus, on January 21, 2023, we visited the Delwendé Center where nearly 200 old women abandoned by their families are welcomed, to wish them a happy new year and introduce them to Christ the Savior. It was a moving moment of testimonies to the glory of the Lord. One of the women said “Today God visited us – God loves us! Our message to them was, “God does not reject what comes to Him.”

Naomi and I were also invited (in January and March) to two conferences for couples on the theme “Maintaining harmony within the couple” These two conferences each brought together Christian and non-Christian couples; the testimony of Christ echoed in their hearts too!

The Women’s Training Center continues on its way, even if the infrastructure needs are still not met. We bless the Lord for the twenty women who come every week. The training always begins with a devotional time and a Bible study once a week; these are times that women enthusiastically help and participate. We see God at work in the lives of many of them. Some come alone after the trainings to meet Naomi for talks about their family life and to seek advice and prayer. Let’s continue to pray that God will remove the obstacles to their conversion to Christ.

The church of Bigtogo is also doing very well, God continues to add those who are saved to his church and Pastor Yonli and his team continue the strengthening work with great passion. It is wonderful to see these teenagers growing in their faith in Christ. We ask that you continue to pray for the needs to complete the payment of taxes required by the state for the land to officially belong to us. Pastor Yonli is currently visiting the USA, pray for his stay, so that he will be a source of encouragement and blessing for the churches.


Prayers requested

  • Please keep praying for our country about security issue. May God protect us when we are traveling to share the Gospel and He bring back peace and security in all the country


  • Pray for our Easter evangelism program. We planned to do a open aera meeting with Jésus Film projection and we will also have a baptism service. Keeping pray for people who will get baptized.


  • Thank you also for your pray for the need of, women vocational center, we still look for God provision for $ 1250.00 to achieve the construction of the shed, so that to give them a nice espace of learning (the need changed because the inflation on materials prices).


  • Please, continue to pray for the payment of the taxes for our land in Bigtogo, so that the Lord provides the $ 6000.00 needed to cover it.


Pasteur LOMPO K. Robert et Naomi