We are definitely living in very interesting times. God’s Word continues to move forward and we are so privileged to be a part of that. These past weeks have been very busy traveling with National Pastor, Pastor Kanfidini Yonli, from the country of Burkina Faso. He is working on the front lines that are being attacked daily by Muslim terrorists who are out to destroy the country. They are destroying villages, burning churches, killing Christians, committing atrocities on women and children, and killing anyone that is not devoted to Islam. Truly a tragedy throughout the country. Yet, Pastor Yonli continues to meet the needs of his people as he faithfully shares the Gospel in his area that is 95% Muslim. His wife will be finishing up her degree as a doctor very soon and thus, we are raising funds for a medical center that will serve the needs of all the people in his area. There are many people passing away in this area due to a lack of medical help. They are dying of illnesses that should be easily remedied. Due to the daily terroristic threats, they are being inundated with refugees fleeing local villages. The terrorists are presently only 40 kilometers from their village. Please be praying for safety for his family.

In addition, we ask that you keep us in your prayers as we travel from church to church. Yesterday, on our trip back to Blairsville from Winston-Salem, NC, we were in the middle of a 20-car pileup. God graciously had His hand on us and, miraculously, gave us a way out as all the vehicles in front of us were piling into each other and the ones right behind us were piling into the ones in front of us. This all happened at 70 miles per hour with only a car’s length to respond. All I can say is, His guarding angels gave us an out with bumpers, fenders, and glass flying everywhere and cars spinning in all directions. Your prayers are so appreciated during all of our travels. Pastor Yonli returns to Burkina Faso on April 2nd. I have truly enjoyed his fellowship😉

In addition to my tour, our ministries continue to move forward in Cote D’Ivoire. We are presently planting new churches and asking for wisdom as we reach out to these new communities. Our newest church plant is in need of $3,600 so that we can buy a partial plot of land on which to build a church. They are currently meeting in a school building and have been asked to move their location. Finding anything else in this area is almost impossible, thus, the urgent need for land on which we can put up a portable chapel for the time being. This church is growing, with a doubling of the children’s ministry over the past few months.

All of our pastors just finished a three-day retreat in which they all came together to spend time sharing with each other, praying for each other, and planning strategies for the year as to upcoming events. What a blessed time shared together in Christ!!!!

I am also happy to report that our large church project in Bouake has finally come to completion thanks to the many of you that have donated to this project. Our church in Bouake is a 40 by 100 foot church building on which we replaced the roof with metal a-beams, metal roofing, new ceiling, lights, fans, tile floors, and a coat of new paint. This church was severely damaged a year ago in a windstorm when the roof caved in. God is so good, and His people are rejoicing in the city of Bouake!!!! Thank you from our brothers and sisters in Cote D’Ivoire!!!

In regards to our family news, Denise continues striving to adjust to her new normal. She is currently in water therapy twice weekly and also walking 20 minutes the other two days. Her walking has increased from 15 min to 20 min now.  Small increases but encouraging from where she has come from. God is so good!!

Some of you ask about our Aiden. He struggles with his situation but is always so happy for the time he has with us. We love on him and encourage him along the way. Please pray with us that he will continue grow in the Lord as he travels this road in his life.

In conclusion, please prayerfully consider helping us with monthly support. We are still trying to recuperate from our covid losses. We are in need of $1000 monthly to bring us up to our minimal. Every little bit will go a long way. Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers and support in helping us make a difference in Cote D’Ivoire. God is so good!


With Much Love,

Jim for the Arnolds




Prayer Requests


Pray with us for the need of $1000 monthly support.

Pray about the need of $3600 for land to build a church on in Cote D’Ivoire.

Pray for safety in my many travels.

Pray for wisdom as we seek and strategize to open up new works in Cote D’Ivoire.

Pray for our pastors working in dangerous areas threatened by terrorists.