Dear Partners in Christ,


We are indebted to you for your faithfulness in supporting us financially and prayerfully over the many years. Your ministry in this area is very much appreciated. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly. It gives me joy to share the following with you:

COVID-19 in Jamaica

In my last newsletter I mentioned that the disease was reducing dramatically and that our government had lifted COVID-19 measures. Since that time the disease continues to decrease greatly. There is hardly any Covid-19 hospitalization or death.

Because the pandemic is not over, everyone is warned to protect themselves by the wearing of mask, sanitizing and the maintenance of social distance.

The Celebration of the Nation’s Children

This is an annual event during the month of May in which the public is educated about the needs of our of our children and what each one can do to help improve their health, education, economic and social conditions. The theme for this year was Listen up: Children voices matters. At our church we took this opportunity to build self-esteem in them and show them from the scripture and through discussions the importance of them expressing themselves.

They played major roles in our Divine Worship Service by moderating, reading the scripture and presents special music in songs.

Vacation Bible School

This was held July 18 – 22, 2022. The attendance for the week was small. This was due to a clash with the government and private schools which provided extra teaching for the children. Many who would be at V.B.S attended those classes. However, we thank the Lord for those who attended. It was a blessing to present the word of God to the children. They were challenged to give their lives to Jesus and pattern godly men and women in the Bible. It was a pleasure singing the songs of Zion together. We thank our members for making themselves available and the help they gave to make the week a success. (see photo)


The Extension of Church’s Worship Hall


This area which had only a decked floor which sits on the beams and columns of the first floor, is exposed to the element. Whenever it rains, water settles on it despite the construction of pipes to drain it off. We are worried about this water and the effect it has been having on the ground floor. It has always been our desire to get the walls up and to roof the area in order to protect it from the rain. We discussed the matter; the people were re-energized and through groups fundraising efforts and individual giving we were able to raise a sum of money which bought material and paid a skilled workman which enabled us to reach this stage.



To God for providing through his people.

To God for bringing the pandemic almost to an end.


Prayer Requests:

That the Lord will enable us to accomplish our aim for the church building.

That the Lord will use us to win the lost for him.

For God’s continuous blessing in the lives of our partners and their ministry.


God bless you.


Yours in Christ,

Clifton Smith


Jamaica West Indies