Dear Friends and Supporters,

At the closing of this year 2022, we take this opportunity to express our thanks and gratitude to you for being on our side during good times and difficult moments. The year 2022 was slow but with much accomplished.


Many activities flourished during the year 2022, with many baptismal services in the following areas:

  1. The church at Barkoissi baptized 12 people in January. These services were testimonies to the church and also to the community where the church is located. Many Muslims came to assist and appreciated the difference between Christianity and Islam. Bakiossi is a town with a great population of Muslims.
  2. The church at Bangeli also has new baptized believers added to the membership of the congregation. About 7 people were baptized in that church.
  3. The church at Djagble, a growing congregation, also saw 20 newly baptized people added to its body in June.
  4. There are many believers in some of the churches who are waiting to be immersed.


Pastors’ Ordinations

There were two ordination services in two churches: Adakpame and Bangeli. In Adakpame, three pastors were ordained and the pastor of the church in Bangeli was also ordained in April. God is at work in the northern part of the country of Togo. We thank God for the additions to the body of believers in all of our congregations.

Church Construction

Two church buildings were erected during the course of this year. One at Barkiossi, the other at Anie. Preparations are made for a third building at Ngambi Carrefour. Funds were also given for a pavilion at Kaouka, a village located in the prefecture of Gando. Instead of a pavilion, we are praying for a permanent building which would be a blessing to that body of believers.

Christian School

This the second year that the Lord has helped us with a school built on 6 plots of land in the town of Davie, 20 kilometers from Lome, the capital city of Togo, where we reside. The school has a total of 370 students this school year and is growing with more demand of new student registrations. The school has limited room for new students. For this reason, we have recently built additional classrooms, three in all. Our desire is to have a secondary school next year as God allows us to progress.

The newly built classrooms have a lot of work to be done. We pray for this building to be finished as our intentions are to build the second level. The architect estimates the cost to build the second level and to finish the whole building to be at least $50,000. Please pray with us.

We pray that the Lord would enable us to have a nice facility.

Goal for the School Project:

  1. To create Christian schools in all 5 regions of Togo. Please pray that the Lord would provide. We understand that it is a challenging project but God is able.

To use the schools as evangelistic tools to reach families as children enroll.


As we said in a previous email, we are currently in the US visiting our supporters and reporting to them until some time next year. We have an almost full schedule until the end of May 2023.



  1. We praise God for good health even as Kouami still suffers from his lower back problem and his right leg.
  2. Answers to some of our projects
  3. We thank God for promises to help with some of the projects (school, well, etc.).



  1. Please pray for funds to finish the school building in Davie and to be able to start new schools elsewhere. This requires a lot of financial resources.
  2. Please pray with us as we are seeking land for a retreat center. We are praying for funds for 10 acres, $2,000/acre.
  3. Funds for 500 chairs, $10 each

Thank you for reading and for praying.


Merry Christmas to you all!


Kouami Midekor