Dear Partners and Supporters,

Greetings in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Praises and Thanksgiving

We would like to thank the Lord for the opportunity and for the good results of the youth camp led by our young people in the church – Subordinate Society, led by my eldest daughter, Jither. Last August, one of the local communities, under the local government of Danao City in Cebu, reached out to us to create a program for moral recovery/ spiritual uplifting for these young people. Praise God for there were 60-70 that professed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. As a result of this activity, we were able to open a new church planting area. As of now, we are conducting a Bible study for them every week. We also praise and thank the Lord for we were able to start the classes on August 31st.

We truly praise God for His provision for we were able to complete the renovation of the needed classrooms and the beautification of the school vicinity which was damaged by typhoon Odette in December 2021. At first, we offered limited face-to-face classes as implemented by the Department of Education in the Philippines. We were only using four classrooms and the students had to come to school alternately according to their class schedule. In November, we were planning to start full face-to-face classes, meaning the children would have to come to school five days a week but the problem is that we don’t have enough classrooms and teachers to cater to them and to provide for it financially.

For our prayer concerns, please pray for provision so that we may be able to renovate another damaged classroom and that we can hire a new teacher. For now, we only have five teachers.

Please pray for more funds to supplement the salaries of our teachers. Right now, we only have 52 students, and their tuition payments are not sufficient to cover the teachers’ salaries. That’s why we are praying to God for more funds to financially support them.

Please continue praying for my health and for Julie’s health. We went to the doctor on August 30th for a checkup and the findings were diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high uric acid, and high creatine. In spite of these medications, we still continue to do the ministry God entrusted us to do and to empower the church for His glory.


In the Service of the King of Kings,

Joe, Julie, Jither, Jireh, Joel, Marijim, Davion, Jasper, Princess, Anavrin, and Jotham