Dear Prayer Warriors and Ministry Partners,

Greetings to you in the unconditional love and most precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is an amazing time to be granted to us by our God! God has dealt graciously with us even as we journey through some very difficult times in the recent history of our country. Life is becoming unbearable due to very high inflation and hunger ravaging most parts of our country as a result of a prolonged drought that has not been witnessed in more than 50 years.

The horror that has become everyday life is unimaginable. People’s suffering is especially becoming too much for the pastors to bear. God’s love constrains us to push on in service in whatsoever situation.

This first paragraph was my draft and the next day we were awakened to how bad the situation really is. And indeed, “a hungry man is an angry man” as the saying goes. The screams and wailing which woke us up left a deep cut in my heart. A pastor, a friend, a man I have spent much time with in the fellowship of the Word, prayers, and even food is gone. Gone never to tell a story of God’s love ever again! Gone in the most foul and cruel manner. He died by committing suicide. He hanged himself. He is gone, out of the spiritual battle field of the faith once delivered to us by Christ in much anguish and pure love of God. A soul lost from the battle field, a frontline soldier retired and lost, and who knows, may be lost forever! His death is a result of a bad economy. He was utterly frustrated that he was unable to provide for his family. In his suicidal note, he quoted 1 Timothy 5:8. A preacher who would be praying and giving people hope for a better tomorrow has succumbed to the deadly lies and discouragements of the evil one. My heart hurt and we need your prayers.

When we were assembled at his place as the police came to pick up his body, it dawned on me that there are many pastors within our community facing and battling the same predicaments. Life has become difficult and very rough for most households. Criminal activities are on the rise. The jungle rule at play: struggle for survival and survival of the fittest. Our government is new in the office and has challenges of learning and catching up which complicates matters. I appeal for your earnest prayers and financial support as the Lord provides. Schools have closed which has driven the situation to crazy and alarming levels.

Many thanks and God’s peace, grace, and blessing to you.



  1. Having you as our prayer warriors and ministry partners
  2. Finding grace and stamina to continue to work in the prevailing tough times
  3. Prevailing peace in the country after a very divisive election period
  4. The many opportunities provided by the hard times to minister in God’s love
  5. Five souls giving their lives to God



  1. Parsonage – we need to build a pastor’s residential house on the church property.
  2. Pastor’s support – currently at 25%
  3. Pastor’s children’s school fees – USD 3500 needed in January 2023
  4. Church van needs USD 1500 for repairs and maintenance.
  5. Food donations to hurting families within church and the community


Yours in Christ,

Allan Maina