Dearest Partners in Ministry,

I am so grateful to God for connecting you to our ministry here in Liberia. Your continuous prayers and assistance have led us to where we are today. New souls being brought to the kingdom of God, baptisms on a regular basis, and church planting have become the hallmarks` of our ministry and many more.

Quite recently, we embarked on a ceiling project of the central church and with your help we have completed the first phase.

This phase is costly as we spent close to three thousand US dollars including workmanship, material cost transportation and food. We are hoping to have the project completed before our Bible Training Conference in January 2023. It has been estimated that the number of ceiling tiles is around 200 pieces ($10 USD per piece)

The second phase which has to do with putting up the ceiling will commence in early September. The church is now working on how money can be raised in September and October by the members to complete the last phase. This is God’s house and so we believe that God is going to provide the means to get all the money needed to complete the job. Thanks for your prayers.



Peter S. Gebeor

Senior Pastor

Unity Baptist Church