Dear Pastor Russ Alexander, Mama Joyce, and my IGM Prayer Partners,

Receive many greetings from me and the ministry. How are you doing? Here we are doing well, serving the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank God for His grace.

We thank God for your prayers and financial support. This week has been one of great joy for the people of the Lukalesi Community Baptist Church.

We began with evangelism house-to-house, followed by a church dedication, a seminar, a crusade, and a wedding ceremony. we thank God for your prayers. All the activities went well, glory be to God.

It yielded 11 new converts to the church, and more are coming.

We thank you so much for your prayers and financial support.

IGM family, we ask for your prayers about the pastors’ wives being able to have small businesses like selling of green vegetables, small fish (omena), onions, sukuma wiki (collard greens), and tomatoes which can help them to sustain their homes by enabling them to buy sugar, food, and medication and to send their children to school as well as support the ministry work. We have 32 churches. That is 32 pastor’s wives. Each business needs $30 to start which totals to $960. We trust God. H can do anything.

The pressing project is to build up the Trinity Bible Training College premises which will cost $3500. This building will have the classrooms and the office. The college is going to be open July 20th -23rd, 2022.

Therefore, continue to pray for us.

I do bring my word of appreciation to your office for the financial support you send to me.

Actually, things have been very tough regarding food. We have been experiencing famine since March.

Continue to pray for us.




Paul Syaiti and Irene