Dearest Brethren in Christ,


Wonderful greetings!  “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country!”-Proverb 25:25.  Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support for the Lord’s work.  Life in the ministry becomes lighter because of your partnership.  You are the people that God sent so we could fulfill His mission in this part of the earth.  I’d like to let you know that it’s beyond words how grateful I am and my family for this wonderful favor that He blessed us with, IGM and you.  You uplift our soul, thank you so much, brethren.



The last letter I sent, I reported of the baptism that finally happened last March.  Praise God, Arno my son was moved by the Lord and stood to pastor our church. He finished His 2-year certificate from Bob Jones Bible College in Manila several years ago; came home to study education and became a licenced teacher.  Now he continues to attend a pastoral training online.  Pastor Rosario, who is more senior continues to stay closely to guide and pray with him.  Pastor Rosario concentrates on the church in the mountain.  Last month, he also performed the water baptism for some new Christians.  Last Sunday he reported that a cult leader was so enraged by the decision of his former members.  They got saved and after several months, requested to be baptized.  Now they are being ill-treated and intimidated.



Praise God more and more children are attending regularly the Sunday School.  Juniors and teens while taking care of their younger siblings or neighbors’ toddlers are coming excitedly.  Some of these children are also coming on Saturday to share with me their daily struggles in their dysfunctional homes. I allow them to play, then read to them a portion of the Bible. We sing and pray and eat snacks.  Before they leave, I instruct them to be very careful and always pray to God for their daily protection.  This is their kind of therapy.



We had our closing ceremonies June 22 and 23 although we were few compared to pre-pandemic years, and the activity was shorter.  Pastor and School Principal, Daniel Arno Hiquiana, was able to share God’s Word with the parents. It was a very memorable occasion for people to consider how to be safe in a world that has no guarantee of safety unless they put their trust in the only Savior Who gifted salvation for all who would believe in Him.



Praise God for His sufficient grace for all of us.  My daughter, Dannel, will have a CT scan when her creatinine level normalizes.  She has both injectable and pill medicines to help her hypokalemia.  Praise God she is very brave and optimistic she will come out well when the exact diagnosis is determined, and she has been treated.




  1. I trust God and continue to request prayers for our spiritual growth. Please pray for Arno- Spiritual wisdom and knowledge as he leads the flock in the church. Please pray for daily protection from the attacks of the unseen enemy in this spiritual battle.  Please pray for the new Christians that they will continue to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and not to turn back. Please pray for the salvation and protection of these children.
  2. Please pray for jobs for the Christian parents, especially the fathers.
  3. Please pray for our Day School that God will send more enrollees. Safety and be allowed to come to school to learn in classrooms. Please pray for the wisdom and health of the teachers.  We trust in the timely provisions of our Lord, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added…”-Matthew 6:33
  4. I thank you for loving and praying for my family. Please pray that Dannel will not be disappointed with her situation. She continues to study the Bible and is very optimistic that God will heal her body. Romans 8:31,32
  5. We have a new president in our country. Please remember the Philippines in prayer, that we will have continued freedom to study and share the Bible in schools and in elsewhere as the Holy Spirit directs us.  Please also pray for the salvation of our elected local and national leaders and many lost souls to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We continue to pray for Dr. and Mrs Newhart and very grateful for their dedicated lives and leadership.  We pray for Dr. Reed and his family.  We are thanking daily and praying for all our dear prayer partners and supporters. “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”– Philippians 4:19


Love and Blessings in Christ,



Nelly Hiquiana