Greetings, brethren.

I thank the almighty God for the good life He has given to all of us.

I take this opportunity to thank all members of the IGM fraternity for standing with the Ugandan ministry to push the Gospel further to all regions in the world

We managed to establish a new church in the northeastern part of Uganda where we recently handed it to a resident pastor and the church members.

We hope to build more churches through the help of IGM and other well-wishers. We have only constructed 3 church buildings for the 32 churches in Uganda. We are currently paying rent for the 29 other churches which is becoming hectic

We recently opened up a Bible college in Uganda and we are always study for 2 weeks every month, but we are limited with stationery and Internet access for our pastors.

We are also planning to have a youth conference at Munamba Baptist Church, a women’s conference at Tororo, and a leaders’ conference at Trinity Baptist Church.

Be blessed.

Pastor john Wesonga