Dear Prayer Partner and Supporters,


Greetings from Canduman Baptist Church.

Due to what happened regarding the church lot, I had become discouraged and frustrated. But then I started thinking about what would happen to those God has entrusted to me, to the people in the outreach, to the mission work, and to the mission trips if I gave up because of discouragement and frustration. Through the help of God’s Word in Colossians 3 where it says that I need to set my attention not on things on this earth, but on the things above, now I can say to God that He is really my refuge and strength from my depression and frustration. Glory to God!

I’m so grateful to IGM, Bethel Baptist Church, and Charity Bible Church for the big help.


Prayer Requests:


  1. New lot rental fee starting September 2022 – $651.04 and God’s provision for it


  1. Church lot in new location


  1. Financial needs for the outreach – $100 /week


  1. Missionary support – $93.01


  1. My son’s tuition fee in upcoming 3rd year in nursing training – $985.87 /semester


  1. Church bookings


  1. My trip in Sept. (health, safety, and protection)


  1. Church itineraries


  1. School ministry (that parents can pay their tuition for the teachers’ salaries and other expenses)


  1. The church men to be responsible during my US travel


  1. For wisdom for my wife in handling the school ministry


Bro. Cruz