Fellow Saints of God,

We greet you in the precious Name of Jesus Christ.  We are very thankful for His grace that has kept us through the past months.  Our girls are doing well at the moment.  Zackarie is also doing okay in recent times; however, he is not doing well today.  The doctor is awaiting some medical results to find out his current state.  My wife and I are doing great, too.

We are seeing some faithfulness among the believers.  We are looking forward to doing a major evangelistic drive this summer as school goes on vacation.  Currently, we have four preachers that share the pulpit.  This makes the task much easier for me.  We are also getting ready to start the upstairs of the building. I have to lay out the steps that lead to the next floor very soon.


Prayer Requests:


Evangelistic meetings

Building upgrade


Sampson George and Family