Dear Friends and Supporters,


Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior. We are thanking you for all that you have done for us, and through the ministry in Togo and beyond. We are very appreciative of all your kindness and generosity. We do especially thank you for your continuing prayers and support for the ministry in Togo and beyond.


Many things were done last year through the enablement of God. We were able to accomplish many projects.

Five people were baptized at the church in Hedzranawoe in February.

Six pastors from various churches were ordained in April.

Many open-air meetings were held in various locations.

A new Christian school building is on the way in Tsévié. A total of 6 classrooms are being built. Please pray for funds to finish this school building.


The family is doing well by the grace of God. All the children are in the US finishing their education.


Praise God for providing for a successful ministry trip to Senegal.

Praise God for the works in Benin, with Rock Otekpola and his wife, Annette.

Praise the Lord for the new buildings that were erected in Djagble and Binadjoub.

Praise God for a new well in the village of Ngambi. Thank God for the provision for this accomplished project.


Please, pray for Kouami’s back problem. He is still hurting.

Funds to drill another well in one of the hard-to-reach villages. People from this village travel a long distance to fetch water. Cost is $4500. Another well was drilled in December.

Funds to build in Bissamboti and Kountoun.

Please, pray for the country of Senegal. It is our desire to open this country for church planting. It is 96% Islam with a few evangelical churches.

Please pray for funds, $5000, to finish the wall of our Christian school before roofing.

Funds to drill another well in Tsévié, cost is $4500.


Thank you for reading and may God bless you.


In Christ,

Kouami Midekor

Lome, Togo