Shalom, shalom to you, dearest prayer partners and supporters, in the precious Name of JESUS ​​CHRIST. Thank you for your prayers and support, and Happy Easter to you, and may the resurrection of Christ bring resurrection in all areas of our lives.

The church is making its merry way with the grace that the Lord grants it. By allowing us to still be able to hold our various meetings and programs for the growth of the people, we had won. Also, we live and practice evangelization daily, going door to door, distributing leaflets. Also, this year, we have decided to extend the mission of evangelization in a village that we have targeted. Investigations have begun to be carried out to find out with what approach to win this village to CHRIST.

Lucie and I bless the Name of the Lord for His grace in our lives and the ministry to which He has called us. Also, convinced by the Word of God (Hebrews 13:2-3 and James 1:27), we make our dear ones a house of hospitality. Thus, through this social practice, we want to reveal the love of God to these people and have it as a means of evangelization. Your prayers and support will help us to continue as we encounter difficulties and finally to extend this social life by the grace of the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for financial support and a motorcycle for the ministry.
  2. Pray for the Gospel to be accessible in this village.