Dear Prayer Partners,


Receive Calvary greetings in the Lord’s holy Name. Thank you for your continuous prayers, love, and support for the ministry of the Lord we have here on this side of the ocean.

What a great month of March 2022 when the government of the Republic of Kenya officially announced that its citizens are free to worship the Lord freely in churches and can also move around without masks. Since Covid-19 ruined the economy of the world, it has been a tough experience. There have been difficulties in executing God’s work in every corner. We are happy that the tough rules are no longer in existence at the moment, and we really thank God for His love.

The ministries of the Lord we have here in Kenya move on well in the slums of Mathare where I serve as a minister. The women of the church faithfully continue to meet weekly on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM to study God’s Word, encourage, and uplift one another in prayer. Florence Onyango, the women’s Bible study leader started leading the women in a study titled IF GOD IS FOR US, a study on Romans 8. The pandemic shifted the class program, and they were unable to continue with the study. The women’s ministry resumed its study of the Word of God in the month of March.


The orphans, vulnerable, abandoned and the needy children we have in our care are also doing well under the protection of God Almighty. We trust the Lord for everything, and He has always been faithful. We nurture them in a Christian way. We have a number of them who did the Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education (KCPE) and passed well. We pray to the Lord to provide for their school fees and upkeep. Hopefully, they will join high school, God willing. We also pray for those who did Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) who are still waiting for the results to come out.


Lastly, we thank God for His protection and care that allowed us to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on Sunday the 17th of April 2022. We also organized revival meetings to occur on the Friday and Saturday before Easter. Many people responded and I am happy to report that 18 people gave their lives to Christ as their personal Savior. These are new church members who later joined the church on Sunday celebrating the PASSOVER with us. They gave their testimony to be part of the Gospel Baptist Church. Glory be to God.

Thank you so much for supporting us here in Kenya. Always keep in mind that you occupy a place in the minds of many.


  1. Pray for our Sunday School to continue loving the Lord and being strong in faith.
  2. Pray to the Lord to supply school fees for the orphans, vulnerable, and the needy children in our care.
  3. Pray for peace to be in our country as we are approaching general election in the month of August 2022.
  4. Pray to the Lord to keep my family safe and to supply for my children’s school fees and daily upkeep.

In His Calvary,

Pastor John O. Orinda

Gospel Baptist Church