Greetings, Brethren and Supporting Friends,

Warmest greetings in the wonderful and matchless Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Despite the challenges of the Covid pandemic, which has undoubtedly affected almost every one of us, we are grateful to God Almighty for His ever-abiding presence and for giving us the peace that passeth all understanding.

Here are some of our blessings as we rejoice in God’s abundance of grace and mercies:

  1. Resumption of regular face-to-face services after lock down due to Covid
  2. The men of the church sponsored gifts to the children and young people of our church last Christmas. The children were very happy. We look forward to making this an annual event and touching the hearts of more children within the wider community.
  3. Spiritual growth among the faithful members
  4. Ministering to needy families by distributing food hampers by the ladies’ ministry group
  5. Baptism of three new converts
  6. Gospel open-air (street) meetings

Continue to pray for us in the following areas:

  1. More men taking active roles within the congregation
  2. Continued growth of the leadership and members of the church
  3. Youth ministry – salvation of the young people
  4. Spiritual growth of young converts
  5. Re-establishment of the print shop which, in the past, was a source of financial support for the ministry
  6. The purchasing of a plot of land which has been offered to the church. The purchase of this property will be an asset to the ministry in many ways, chief of which we will have access to our present facilities in an uninterrupted manner. At present, a garage proprietor shows little respect and regards for the church property, blocking the entrance and even occupying the church yard to conduct his business.
  7. Church bus ministry

As we continue to pray one for another, and support each other, let us all continue steadfastly as we look unto Jesus Who promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

God’s richest blessings to all.

Anderson Gibson