Beloved in Christ Jesus, receive our fraternal greetings. May the grace and peace of God dwell in your hearts and minds.

It is a privilege for us to send you our news.

My family and I are very grateful to God and to you for the prayerful support. God is watching over us in spite of the growing insecurity, the health context dominated by Covid 19, and the food crisis that our country Burkina Faso is experiencing at this time. He has also provided for our vital needs and for the education of our children, Happiness and Ily. All the glory goes to Him.

We thank God for the Maranatha Church of Bigtogo which continues to grow despite the multiple challenges it faces. Thank you for your prayers and your multiform support. All that is being done in Bigtogo would not have been possible without your combined efforts.

During this first quarter of the year, God has enabled us to share the Gospel with 216 households in a neighboring village called Songdin. This house-to-house operation went well. Sixteen people confessed Jesus Christ as their Savior and we hope that wherever the Gospel was sown it will sprout in due time. That’s why we ask you to stay in prayer for this village and for the salvation of more people.

We have also set up two children’s clubs called “Club Amis Enfants” which meet every two weeks. Each club has about 160 children. The purpose of these clubs is to make disciples among the children. One of these clubs gathers internally displaced children. Indeed, with the security crisis, many have fled dangerous areas. Our locality is home to more than 300 households composed mainly of children and women.

To help them and to facilitate their social integration into the community, we organize games followed by the sharing of the Gospel. Our challenge during these gatherings is the sound equipment. It is difficult to be heard by the audience without a speaker and microphones.

We are calling on all those who would like to accompany us in the acquisition of this equipment estimated at $ 800.00.

We would also like to offer a sandwich or a meal at each meeting in addition to the Gospel that we bring to them. This will cost approximately $1.00 per child per session. So $2.00 each month for a child.

We have also started the administrative steps to obtain the papers for the church land from the government. We bought the land with the village owners and now we need the final allocation. The public administration has evaluated this at an amount of $6,000.00

We are praying for you. We ask God to strengthen you in your faith, that He will provide for all your needs, and that He will renew your strength so that you will continue to serve Him with joy for the glory of His Name.

The whole church by my voice salutes you and thanks you for all that you do to support the ministry. We count on you to pray for us and for the ministry. If the Lord puts you at heart to support financially any aspect of the ministry, it would be welcome. We are ready and open if you have any questions to better understand any aspect of the ministry.



1- Pray for peace and stability in Burkina Faso.

2- Pray that the Lord will increase the membership of the Bigtogo church and for a greater impact of the Gospel in this time of crisis in Burkina Faso.

3- Pray for my family and me that God will provide for our needs.

4- Pray for God to provide for the financial need for the land papers, $6,000.00.

5- Pray for the need of sound equipment for the children’s clubs, $ 800.00.


See you soon!!!