Dear Financial and Prayer Partner:

We praise God for another year and we give Him the glory that both Sellington and Rockcliffe Baptist Churches have been having face to face services and the activities have continued at both churches to include Sunday School, Bible Study , Prayer Meeting and Harvest Service.  At Sellington we are also having virtual services. Due to my health, my wife and I have been joining virtually on Sundays with the members.

An appreciation Service was held in January this year at the Sellington Baptist Church by the Pastor and Members for my wife and I which we were able to physically attend.   It was an awesome evening of praise and thanksgiving.

Since my retirement April 2021, Sellington Baptist has ascertained a new Pastor effective December 1, 2021, he is Pastor Dwayne Henry.   Rockcliffe Baptist unfortunately is still without a Pastor, but we thank the Lord that the work is being carried on by the two (2) Deacons.

This is a challenging time for the young people who are in school up to tertiary level as most parents are self-employed and there has been a drastic increase in the cost of living.  Therefore, the family assist the young people in transportation cost and providing phone cards for data for online classes.

Thanks for your support over the years to include financial, prayer, cards and emails.  May the Lord continue to bless and keep you.  We continue to crave your prayers on behalf of the immediate family and the church families.


In Christ’s Service with IGM,

Sylvester A. Greene (Rev.)

Greene Family