Dear Friends and Partners,

Thanks for your continued prayers and supports for the ministries here at Calvary. In this brief prayer letter, I am highlighting one of the evangelists/pastors that Calvary supports. He is Pastor Morris Gblorzeo, pastor of the New Life Baptist Church in Tarr Town, River Cess County, Liberia. Pastor Gblorzeo is handicapped and has pastored the church for the past ten years. He is among ten pastors and local evangelists that Calvary gives monthly stipend to.

Due to the country’s challenging economy, coupled with the church ongoing building project, Calvary is unable to cater to the many development activities of those churches that we support.

Therefore, we are asking that you pray for the following requests:

  • The completion of the church building. As you can see from the photo above, the church building is still incomplete. In fact, the planks holding the roof are being eaten by termites. The church will need the amount of USD$1,475 to change the roof, complete the walls, put in the doors, cast the floor, and plaster the walls.
  • New wheel chair for Pastor Gblorzeo. His wheel chair is old and difficult to push. A new wheel chair will cost USD $425
  • USD$175
  • Monthly support for Pastor Gblorzeo.

Whichever item you choose to help with, we will highly appreciate.

Sincerely yours,
Rev. Dr. G. Larque Vaye

Senior Pastor

International Gospel Missions

990 Calkins Rd.

Rochester, NY 14623