Dear Partners in Ministry,


Warm Christian greetings from Jamaica.


Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is with me bless His holy name. He has done great things and great is His faithfulness to me. God has been truly good to us. He has landed us safely into the year 2022 and we are rejoicing. Ministry at the two local churches continues. Praise God we have not had to close the doors because of the pandemic.



Members of our churches as well as the wider community continue to benefit from this ministry. Once again, we use this medium to express sincere gratitude to our partners and friends for assisting financially in this ministry. It is our prayer that we will be able to continue this ministry as we brace ourselves for the economic challenges that are pending in relation to the war between Russia and Ukraine.



Church services continue, both virtually and physically. Thankfully, there has been a steady decline in the number of cases since the third wave of the pandemic. The protocols continue to be revised, with the latest allowing up to a hundred or more persons for church services, adhering to the three feet physical distance. All schools have now been reopened for face-to-face classes.


At both churches, however, because of physical distancing protocols, we are only able to accommodate between 35 – 60 worshippers. Attendance ls improving and we praise God for this. With the curfew now 12 midnight to 5 a.m. face-to-face Prayer Meeting and Bible Study at Spice Grove has been re-started, and the same will be done at Providence next month.


Ministry over this quarter has also involved presiding over several funeral services as there have been a number of deaths within the church community and its environs. I have also officiated a few weddings.


Plans are well on the way to re-commence face-to-face Sunday School. The 2 Virtual Worship Ladies Ministry has been launched and sees an average of 30 women in attendance on the first and third Mondays. Please pray for the expansion and success of these two ministries. Activities such as evangelistic outreach and visitation remain on hold.


Purchase of Property

As you are aware, the property which we have long been praying about has finally been put up for sale. The Lord has provided and so we were able to make the down payment. We have approached the bank for a loan to pay the outstanding amount of Ja $14,60,00.00, which may be due as early as April. The amount that the bank is willing to lend is  Ja $12,000,000.00 (US 80,000.00).  Please pray that God will miraculously provide the remaining Ja 2,060,000.00 (US 13,000.00) to successfully close the sale agreement.


Prayer Requests

  1. Reduction in Covid 19 cases and deaths & adequate supplies of Covid 19 vaccines
  2. Increased uptake of the vaccines among our people
  3. Funds to complete the building at Spice Grove. May will be construction month. Plans are being made to work on completing the Prophet’s Chamber and hopefully procuring some material to install the ceiling in the sanctuary.
  4. Funds to acquire the four-bedroom house (adjoining our home and close to the Providence Baptist Church) which is now up for sale. We have long been praying to be able to acquire the property as it could be used as housing for ministry teams as well as other church related outreach activities.
  5. The salvation of youths and men
  6. Our physical health and wellbeing
  7. 2 Worship Ladies Ministry
  8. Finalizing of motor vehicle insurance claim and funds to purchase  a new vehicle