Since the beginning of this adventure with the Lord, the way forward for us has uncertain: there have been many trials and tribulations that we have faced.

Through all this, we have tried to follow God’s leading through the doors He opens for us. Our future has seemed grim and uncertain from our point of view and the activities have been difficult to organize because of the very limited financial means.

But what has been clear is the need for salvation for the souls of the city of Porto-Novo where we live. This city is difficult because of its cosmopolitan character, bringing together practically all the religious tendencies of the moment; but it is still a city to reach with the Gospel.

From the beginning, we have held meetings in a rented room. Some months we lacked the resources to pay the rent; to remedy this, our personal needs had to be adjusted to be able to pay. But along the way, God has provided for the needs, and, by His grace, we have not gone into debt with the owner.

Despite our circumstances, we have continued to minister where God placed us. He has been faithful in everything and our family has grown spiritually.We cannot say thanks enough for all of your support, your prayers, thoughts, and love over the past few years. May the Lord bless you abundantly!


1. For more encouragements from the Lord for us

2. For good spiritual and physical health for us

3. That the Lord will grant us more financial resources for the satisfaction of personal needs, and ministry needs

4. For easy access to the Gospel for people who often indulge in paganism

5. For an increase in the number of faithful in the assembly

Jean & Florence