Dear Praying Partners,

Many of you have asked for an update on Denise’s physical situation and I will start this prayer letter off with sharing her continual progress. Her numbers are beginning to stabilize which is a continual answer to prayer. Her creatinine levels have dropped to 1.3 from over 2.4. The doctors want it to drop to around 1. Her HMG numbers have increased from a 6.9 back in her hospital days in December to 10.1. She continues with her weekly doctor appts. and her weekly Epogen shot. The hematologist said her Epogen shots will continue till her level rises above 11. These shots are very expensive and after our insurance kicks in, we pay each week $483 for each shot out of our pocket. She has had 10 shots so far which puts us at $5000 just for her shots. Uggh!!! Our monthly support is around $2900, and these shots eat up 2/3’s of it. Please pray that these numbers will improve quicker. Please pray about helping us with the cost of these shots. In addition, Denise has started her rehab this week, going 2 days a week. The rehab is to help strengthen her body after spending over 3 months in bed. She is progressing and we are so very thankful and appreciate all your prayers. God is so good!!!!

Our ministries in Ivory Coast continue to move forward and grow. We are seeing our churches grow and their evangelism programs expand to win many more to Christ. Our evangelism team is aggressively targeting new areas with open-air meetings in which we are seeing men, women, and children coming to Christ. One of these areas is the city of Toumoudi, where we have begun a new church plant. This is a staunch Baoule tribal area that is into heavy idol worship and sorcery. The Gospel is penetrating this area and we are beginning to see fruit. We are presently searching for land in this area on which we can build a church. Please pray that these open doors will continue to yield fruit.

We have also been able to start drilling a well for fresh water in the city of Bouake. Our people suffer with the lack of fresh water during the hot, dry season. During this time of year, the rains cease for 3 months, and the reservoirs dry up, leaving a huge need for water. Our building efforts in Valvoua have slowed down due to a lack of water to mix with the cement. This well will provide the water needed for our people in the Bouake area and provide opportunities to share the Gospel with them as they wait in line for their opportunity to fill their basins. God is so good in providing this opportunity.

We are still in need of 2 more motorcycles to help supply our pastors with transportation and mobility to get around to the villages and towns they are working in. These motorcycles are costing around $1700 a piece. This would be such a blessing to them.

Lastly, continue to pray for our increased need in financial support. We are still $1000 short of reaching our monthly financial needs. We had picked up some support just before Denise became extremely ill. However, having had to cancel my meetings for the past three months to help Denise during this time has slowed down our progression in this area. Please prayerfully consider helping us make up this deficit of around $1000 monthly.

Again, we thank each of you so very much for your prayers and your giving in helping us make a huge difference for the Gospel in Ivory Coast.

We love and appreciate all your support and prayers.


Jim for the Arnolds



Prayer Requests:

Please pray that God will provide the $483 needed weekly for Denise’s Epogen shot.

Pray with us that God will provide for the final two motorcycles needed for our pastors at $1700 apiece.

Pray for the $10,000 needed for our new church plant church construction.

Pray for wisdom as we strategize on moving forward in winning Ivory Coast for Christ.