Greetings dear partners.

Happiness, peace, and joy be your portion in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Indeed, I would like to share the joy that drives me with you when we have overcome all the hardships and ended the year 2021 in style, when the health of my wife and that of James Arnold’s wife has improved, when our young assembly has experienced extraordinary growth and its moral and spiritual record has been positive, when we have obtained two plots of land for the church, and when my children have been promoted to the next grade, I will be in joy, bless the Name of the Lord.

Prayer Points:

1- Pray for my family that they will always be in good health and willing to help me in the work.
2- Pray that our young assembly will make more progress in this year 2022.
3- Pray that the Lord gives me a motorcycle to better visit the faithful.
4- Pray that God will give us the means to build a church building.

God bless IGM.

Brother Janot N’gbra