Dear Friends and Supporters,

We send you all our greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank God for His protection through the past year, 2021. The Lord is with us even as we go through this COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic situation is becoming more bearable, with fewer infections. We thank you for all your prayers and continuing support for the ministry.

The year 2021 was a difficult one, with many COVID restrictions, on the ministry all over. However, we do praise God for His protection, guidance, and provision.

For the family, we can only thank the Lord for sustaining us with good health, even though Kouami still has lower back pain. Afi is doing fine, as well. The children are doing fine, the boys in Florida and Mikayla in Georgia.

Now, for the ministry, no new church was planted last year. This was due to the closure of churches, twice last year, and mass gatherings were also prohibited.

The pandemic has affected church attendance and church services negatively.


  1. The Lord helped us to open a primary school (THE WISE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY), about 26 kilometers from Lome. For this first year, the school has registered 270 pupils. English is taught as a foreign language.
  2. The ministry received a container of rice (fortified rice and soy blend). This was a gift from FEED THE HUNGRY MINISTRY, in SOUTH BEND, INDIANA. The school children are fed daily, 5 days a week, and they love it.
  3. We have also started FEEDING CENTERS in some of the churches: 3 in the north and 5 in the south. Children eat twice a week: Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays.
  4. A container of Bibles and tracts is on the sea to Togo. Lord willing, we might receive this in 2 or three weeks.


  1. We praise God for the freedom to worship with no major restrictions.
  2. We praise God for the food supply and the feeding centers.
  3. We praise God for a new church building under construction in Barkoissi.


  1. Please, pray for funds ($2500) to clear the container of Bibles. $1000 has been received so far.
  2. Please pray for funds to build 2 pavilions, $2000 each: NAGBENI and KWOKA(in Muslim countries).
  3. Please pray for us as we plan to travel to the US for some time. We have a need for a vehicle to drive while in the US.

Thank you for reading.

God bless you immensely.

Kouami and Afi

Serving in Togo