Dear Prayer Partners,

Receive much greeting from Uganda. How are you doing? Here, we are doing well serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

I visited two widows in their homes with the aim of praying with them. I discovered that because of Covid-19, their children were finding it very difficult to mee their basic needs. I gave them maize flour, sugar, soap, salt, tea leaves, cabbage, and movit jelly (similar to petroleum jelly in the United States).

We thank God Who is keeping us under His protection. Covid brought family famine, but we did not tire of serving our almighty God.

The college reporting was scheduled to be on July 11th, 2021, but due to covid, we postponed it until the government allowed us to open. Thirty students were registered.

We had the opportunity to purchase land for the College at a fair price of $1400.

We request your prayers and support. Thanks.


Paul and Irene Syaiti