Hello Prayer Partners.

We thank our Almighty God for His tender care and protection. We also thank you for your prayers and support towards our ministry and our health.

Our ministry is doing well with men and ladies being added to the church and to our Sunday school classes as we go door to door evangelizing to all classes of people.

On the 21st of September, we celebrated our 11-year church anniversary. We were so happy and spent all day in church. It was really nice.

My older son, Sidhani, is working in a town called Malindi, followed by Musa or Moses who works in Kilifi. Zawadi is married with two children, Emmanuel and Maxwell. My daughter, Eunice Neema, and son, Haruni, are in 12th grade while Joshua is in eighth grade and Samuel is in fifth grade and Miriam is in sixth grade. Neema and Haruni will do their final exams in March 2022 to join university. Please pray for them.

My mother has been sick for quite a long time, and we sent her to the hospital where she was admitted for two days then was released and returned to our home. She could not help herself, so my wife and my sister assisted her. At first, she could not even move, but started healing from a D. V. T. –deep venous thrombosis in her left leg. Please, pray for my mother’s medicine-approximately $100.00 a month.

As the Covid -19 still affects people all over the world, it has become so hard to get funds to assist missionaries and National Pastors plus various projects. Despite all the challenges, you have honestly stood with us in our ministry. We have nothing to give you, and we say THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU. I am still not feeling well due to high blood pressure and am still on medication, but it is now lowering down to its normal standard.


1.We thank you for your prayers and support.

2.We thank you for the clean water project for the thirsty.

3.We thank you for our mother’s treatment funds.



1.We pray for 240 steel sheets for roofing and wall sheets for Muthepeni Community Baptist Church and its timber and nails—$3,500.00.

2.We pray for our previous land project for our church–Grace Baptist Church $10,000.00.


Yours in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Julius and Lydia Kadenge