Dear Friends in Christ,

It is almost Christmas and many of the things that we are accustomed to do at this time of the year have had to be suspended or cancelled because of the effects of COVID-19 and its variances. The Christians, however, are happy that we have God who cannot be stopped from communicating His goodness to His people. Through the intensified struggles, obstacles, pain and hardship brought on by COVID-19, God has supplied sustaining strength, wisdom and power in carrying us through another year, here at Fairview Baptist Bible College.

I must use this opportunity thanks all our partners, churches, friends, staff members and colleagues for answering the FBBC’s call to help us to continue the training of competent, compassionate, effective servant leaders for the ministry here in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world. Your prayers, encouragement, financial help, and programs’ support over the year have strengthen us to keep the school equipping students who will help to make the world a better place for all of us. Thanks, and to God be the glory!

I also take this privilege to wish for you a Merry Christmas. May the Christmas fill your home with the love, joy and peace that Christ brings. As you approach the New Year, may the brightness of hope reassure you that Christ’s coming is sure and that He is still in control.

Join us in prayer that God will raise up a new set of students that are ready and willing to study the Word of God and become new leaders in the service of the Lord. Just this past Saturday we graduated five students (two were unable to attend). We also recognized thirteen other students who took a single course. We were blessed to have Rev. Dave Joseph Falconer as our speaker.

We at FBBC want to thank you for never stop believing in the importance of the Bible College’s education that we offer. Many of you have invested to keep the program going. Thanks! Thanks, also to the parents who believe that the service of the Lord is a great place for their children to invest their lives. It is our prayer that many more will continue to see and say like Isaiah to the Triune God, “Here am I send me,” and their parent will say, “go my child and serve the King of kings.”  Merry Christmas!


In Christ,

Audley Black


Board of Directors: Rev. Errol Nelson (Chairman), Rev. Audley Black (President), Ms. Karen Porter (Secretary), Mrs. Marcia Housen (Treasurer), Ms. Tamara Greene (Attorney-at-law), Rev. William Newman (AIBC President), Pastor David Brown (Alumni Representative), Mrs. Grace Samuels (Educator).



“Holding Fast the Faithful Word…” Titus 1:9