Before the glory of your presence, we worship you, we give you thanks and celebrate your faithfulness,

You who chose in your love to make us access the wonders of your splendor.

And make us enjoy the lively and mighty expression of your unlimited goodness

For, every moment we live is true happiness which your love testifies

You renew it for us at every sunrise

You make us walk on a path entirely paved

Through the valleys and mountains

Under the stormy waves of the winds of adversity

In the midst of jeering people

You lead us, Lord.

You are the faithful friend of our existence who shrouds us in your divine care

The journey partner who leads the way

And precedes us on the way of a unique hike of our covenant

You are the divine custodian who has snatched us from the jaws of death

For, the mighty guardian of our soul is you Lord. Amen.


“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace.   In the world ye shall have tribulation:  but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


Dear Mission and Prayer Partners,

All our best wishes of health to you for this New Year.

We pray sincerely that God’s Glory should be revealed through you and through IGM and all the missionaries.

We pray that the Lord blesses you with His Peace for, He is Jehovah Shalom. We pray that God provides in all aspects of your lives in the Name of Jesus. May he provide blessings in your occupations, blessings in your finances. May he provide spiritual blessings. May the Lord extend his healing hand toward you and touch you. May the Spirit of Truth be welcomed in your life. As far as the Heavens stand above the earth, may the Unlimited God be exalted in your Lives. Amen

Urgent Prayer Request


Our ministry in Kara, North of Togo lacks assistance. We pray God to touch the Hearts and provide assistance.



Thank God for our family unit. The kids Israela and his brother Ivan are doing fine. We pray for their spiritual and physical protection under the wings of the Most High.

My wife Genevieve is still struggling with her health. Let’s pray

God to help us find a definite solution to fibroids which make her health poorer and poorer. Please for divine healing.

Pray for the Unity of the family as the family is right now scattered for work issues. Pray for a successful completion for my doctoral dissertation this year 2022. This is my last year in the doctoral program.

This year, there are two young people living with me in Kara. Their names are Marc and Elisée. Elisée is an orphan and is often sick. Please pray for their spiritual security and financial means to care for them.


We thank God for enabling me to get to know Kara. I visit many churches where I often preach on Sundays. I thank God for enabling me to know Pastor Paul Assignon who is of great support to me in the ministry.

Right now, we need to start visiting churches in Mango and Bassar where we could teach and preach. We pray that God could grant us financial support so that these visits could be possible and that we could of great use to the brothers and sisters spiritually.

Please pray for my new call in the ministry which is now so clear. I will be working as a travelling evangelist, teaching and preaching throughout the churches, organizing revivals for young people and couples. Such a call requires a lot of physical and spiritual energy. So, let us pray the Lord to assist me with spiritual and physical health and provide financial means for transportation for the visits in the churches to be possible.

The Church of ADABAWERE – Kara Needs Urgent Prayers

The Church of Adabawere – Kara undergoes spiritually serious troubles. Most church members have left the church and the pastor is left without help in the organization of the church.

I therefore started helping him in ministering to the rest of the flock. Such a help is an encouragement to him and I help with preaching.

So far, the Church confronts many needs:

  • The organization of revivals to reinforce the faith of the servants
  • Planning visits to the members who have deserted the church
  • Planning activities of evangelism
  • Buying Public Address system and completing the Church building

Right now, the church is motivated to collect money and start some activities for the rearrangement of the building walls to avoid it from collapsing.

Please, do pray sincerely for the Lord to provide for these activities and to encourage the church members who invest themselves in the activities.



Genevieve is in Lome and continues to care for women’s and children’s ministries in her church at Djagble.



Please, do pray sincerely for God to provide the means for the completion of the church building of Adabawere

Pray for the provision of financial means so that we could help attend to the needs of the church

Please, pray for God to provide opportunities and means to carry out our mission program in Kara