Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,


Greeting from Calvary’s cross where our unconditional, loving Lord was crucified for our sins and on the third day, He rose from the dead for our salvation.

We are very appreciative for your prayers and support to the Calvary Unity Baptist Church.

Through your prayers and support, we started building the house of the Lord. The building has reached the roof level. Because the piece of land is small, we prayerfully decided to build a taller church building. Now we have reached an area for which we need a lot of money, that is, the upper slab for the roof.

The estimated cost is three thousand, seven hundred US dollars ($3700.) In light of this, we are kindly asking you to please join us in prayer that the Almighty God will open financial doors so that His house will be finished.

May God bless us as we reach the world for Jesus Christ.



Isaac W Browne