Dear friends, receive our greetings in the precious Name of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

While we pray that this letter finds you in good health, we rejoice and bless the Lord for what He is doing in your lives, in your families and in your various ministries.  It is a privilege for us to share our news with you and to count on your support.

My family and I are in good health and so is our ministry in Bigtogo. We are happy to be instruments of peace and blessings in God’s hands to serve His Kingdom.

Pray for my wife Georgette and our two children, Happiness and Ily, for health, God’s protection on their way to school and that God will grant them the intelligence and wisdom they need during this school year.

The whole church by my voice salutes you and thanks you for your support in the prayer that you address daily to God. Thank you also for your encouragement and support in all its forms. Together we are co-workers in the field of the Lord. Our prayer is that God will renew your strength and bless you beyond your expectations to the glory of His Name.

The third quarter of the year 2021 was dedicated to evangelism, discipleship, and social activities.

During these three months, we did house to house evangelism outings. More than sixty families were reached with the Gospel. Fifteen (15) people invited Jesus into their lives. It was a moment of joy for the whole church which was mobilized. Also the children and teenagers of the church participated in a Bible camp.

We continue to pray for our grain mill project for the benefit of the village which we have mentioned in our previous letters.  We have already made the bricks for the house and we hope that through your prayers God will open a door for the acquisition of the equipment which costs $3, 600. 00

Beloved in the Lord, we ask you to persevere in prayer for the acquisition of this grain mill which will relieve the women of the village. They travel a great distance to be able to crush the grain into flour for cooking in another village. This is very difficult for them during the rainy season, especially since a river separates the two villages. The installation of this grain mill will strengthen our Christian witness and allow us to build more relationships with the people.

We are also praying for the need for latrines at the church site. The youth of the church have mobilized to dig the pit. We need cement and iron to build and make the slab. The estimated cost for this is $1,900.00.

There are also six students, two from the church and four from the community who have approached us for school supplies and tuition to continue their studies. This need is estimated at $426.00 for the six students.


Beloved, Maranatha Church in Bigtogo is very grateful for your continued prayers and support.

We are blessed and encouraged by your support. We pray for you, asking the Master of the universe to strengthen you in faith and to provide for all your needs.

All the members of the church greet you! May God keep you in good health! We wish you a good reception of this letter. We are ready and open if you have any questions to better understand any aspect.

May the grace and peace of God that surpasses all understanding be upon you forever!!!


1- Pray for the spiritual growth of the church; that the converts will grow in their faith and that it will be a testimony to their friends and families.

2- Pray for my family and I to be healthy to continue serving our Lord.

3- Pray that God will provide for the grain mill for the village of Bigtogo.

$ 3, 600.00

4- Pray for the need of latrines $ 1,900.00

5- Pray for the school year and for the need for supplies and school fees for six students.

$ 426.00


See you soon!!!