Dear IGM family,

Warm greetings.

The rainy season brought a lot of typhoons resulting to floods, erosion, destroyed houses and properties and claimed many lives. Many of our countrymen who were affected were housed in evacuation centers and up until now are trying to rebuild their homes and struggle with their livelihood. Nahum 1:7 was a great comfort to us during these troubled season. Indeed, “The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.” Although the strong winds and rains brought by the typhoons were felt in our place, we knew the Lord has protected and shielded us from its destructive path. We give Him all the glory and pray that we will be enabled to help our countrymen who were victimized.

Although our government led by our health experts were somehow able to manage the surge of covid 19 last quarter allowing us to resume some of our church activities, the past season the situation was totally reversed. Throughout the Philippines, we saw the covid 19 daily cases soar to almost thirty thousand and the death toll almost reach three million. In our country, our region has registered, one of the highest in terms of covid 19 cases. In our community, we were expecting a lockdown since several of our neighbors families contracted covid 19 and are being quarantined in their houses since the hospitals are full. This being the case, our church activities were once again put on hold due to strict government restrictions and we are back to square one in our planning for a new ministry strategy. Our new situation really gave us the chills. We could almost feel the realities of what will happen in the last days when the one world system led by the antichrist will control the economy and movements of people. We were practically put on house arrest as only one household member can go out and buy supplies. There were occasions when you cannot enter establishments and buy supplies when not vaccinated. We can truly appreciate the sure salvation from the penalty, the power, and in the future presence of sin when our mortal bodies are transformed into glorified bodies.

We continue to praise and thank the Lord because all is not lost. Our FB livestream ministry has continued. Since March 2020, we have consistently conducted our Sunday school for youth and adults, Sunday Worship service for all, Sunday evening Gospel hour and Wednesday Prayer meeting. We have finished preaching several OT book series and NT book series and we are almost done with the OT & NT Bible introduction. We have done a series on the Last Days as well as in Hermeneutics. We have also launched Bible reading programs for our leaders and members as well as daily devotionals. To date we already have more than 300 video preaching and teaching messages during this pandemic. We are looking forward to compiling and consolidating these videos and upload them on our website for future viewing. We have also maintained discipleship contact and training with our leaders. My daughter Esther has transferred her discipleship group online with her high school classmates. Since there are a lot of inquiries from her college classmates and friends regarding this pandemic and spiritual things she has scheduled to add another online discipleship group this season. My wife has also had a unique opportunity with her co- teachers in school. Since they are required to at least come to school once a week, she was asked a lot of questions regarding the Bible and what is now happening during their breaks. This eating fellowship turned into a weekly discipleship group and many are very interested to join. This is being done in secret. Please pray that the Lord will be pleased to bring salvation to Ethers’ 2 online discipleship group attenders as well as Teacher Sarahs’ unsaved co-Teachers. We are now planning to hold a youth and children’s Sunday school online as soon as possible. Also in the plans are Online Camps for families, Youth and Children. Please continue to pray for our family and ministry. Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers.

Regarding my family, we praise and thank the Lord for my successful Laparoscopic cholecystectomy operation last June 26, 2021.  The hospital bills almost reached 4000 dollars but the Lord has provided all our needs through friends and loved ones. Thank you so much for your prayers. It has been three months since the operation and things are beginning to go back to normal as I move on to full recovery. I am still undergoing massage therapy sessions for my severe back pains. I am still dealing with my diabetes and its’ effects on my liver, kidney and prostate. The Lord is truly good all the time. My father in law passed away last August 17, 2021. He was 91 years old. We thank the Lord for an opportunity to take care of him before the Lord took him. Sarah and her family are still grieving and we are requesting for your prayers. Please pray for my daughter Esthers’ mental and physical health.  All of my family is fully vaccinated except for our youngest son Samuel Joseph. Our government has yet to decide on the vaccination of children. In the meantime we will purchase a flu vaccine for him once funds are available.


  1. Praises for the Lord’s provision to my laparoscopic cholecystectomy operation and its’ success.
  2. Strength, wisdom & encouragement as we find and raise funds for the food and daily needs of our poor brethren and community who lost their jobs and are depending on the meager assistance from government.
  3. Transport vehicle for follow up with our online listeners and possible church planting in the far flung areas of our country once our travel restrictions are lifted.
  4. Online Youth and children’s Sunday school
  5. Online family, Youth and Children’s camps
  6. Sick brethren:
  7. Ptr. Rolex Cailing and wife Agnes- healing from covid
  8. Ptr. Hector Badong and family- recovery from covid
  9. Ptr. Christian Siozon- recovery from covid
  10. Ptr. Willy Cruz- recovery from car accident
  11. Ptr. Charlie Teraytay- recovery from cancer
  12. Castro family- recovery from covid
  13. Peralta family – recovery from covid
  14. Bilet Cerbo- recovery from cervical operation
  15. Jotjot Matias- recovery from accident
  16. Carol Bisaya- successful chemotheraphy and recovery from cancer
  17. Lilian Mortera- recovery from Tumor operation
  18. Rey Del Rosario- colonoscopy, angioplasty
  19. Aida Hernandez- Endoscopy
  20. Robert Hernandez- undergoing dialysis
  21. Tony Trinidad- recovery from shoulder operation
  22. CJ Espejo- early diabetes
  23. JC Espejo – Asthma
  24. Flor Libre- Asthma
  25. Paquito Abad – emergency
  26. Abe and Yami Reguerra – recovery from covid


  1. Grieving families:
  2. Balon family- death of Ptr. Balon and wife due to covid
  3. Atienza family- death of Ptr. Atienza and wife due to covid
  4. Reguerra-Santos-Comising- Arguelles families- death of Father
  5. Dayanghiranf family- death of brother
  6. Joycie family- death of mother and grandmother