Dear sisters and brothers, dear friends, dear partners, we greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord. Time passes quickly and we have to accomplish our task before the Lord. We cannot imagine that the summer is over so fast. We are so thankful to the Lord for using us to equip our Christian schools’ teachers. Seven weeks passed very fast. We thank the Lord for the protection, the wisdom, the safety and strength we get to be able to accomplish all the work. We are also thankful for this week when schools start.  Praise to the Lord for these souls He brought to be lead to Him.  A new school year is open with a challenge. We are thankful for our family. Ameyo is doing as well our children. Thank you a lot for letting yourselves being used by our God to fulfill some schools’ needs. One school has its needs and senses covered 2/5. One school is helped to fix three classes’ wall. ASEL was and is able to minister because of your prayers, advises helps and donations.

We still need your prayers and helps for:

  • ASEL to be able to minister this year since we have two new schools increasing the number of schools.
  • Roger for safety in his different trips.
  • Gracias our daughter who needs eye glasses

Teachers, committees and pastors to be able to win the challenge because churches are closed but schools are opened. Then, we have to be use the opportunity to share the Gospel.

Thank you for all you do. God bless. Please, help and give to take these souls out from darkness and bring them into Light and Life.

Roger and Ameyovi