The last few months have been trying for us at all levels but also a year blessed and filled with the grace of the Lord:


– Our three daughters and our son had an eventful vacation, all of them suffering from malaria, one after another.

– My wife, Florence, also went there, suffering from malaria.

– As for me, in addition to malaria, I had inflammation of the liver, in addition to general fatigue and the high blood pressure that the doctors detected, which required me to stay in bed for three weeks in August.


– At the beginning of July, I started giving piano lessons to three young people.

– August 8, I started discipleship with two new people, after leading them to Jesus.

– On September 5, I was approached by a new member of the Eglise Baptiste du Cep in Porto-Novo, to go and pray for the inauguration of his new sewing workshop.

– On August 29, I started baptismal courses with three young converts. They will be the first people baptized in the young ‘’Eglise Baptiste du Cep’’ in Porto-Novo. Pray that these classes they are taking will make them true disciples of Jesus Christ.

– We continue to preach the Gospel every Saturday.

We plan to use the holiday season to organize a baptismal session for these three young Christians.

Among them there are two dressmakers and a student. One of the dressmakers cannot read or write, so we spend more time with him for these baptism classes.

In addition, despite the persistence of the covid-19 disease, we continue going out to preach the Gospel, accompanied by a brother from the Cotonou church who asked to follow us to learn how to evangelize.

Goals for December:

– Strengthen our young church

– Provide young, new converts with musical instruments

Prayer Requests:

– All new converts in formation need perseverance to be able to complete their formations, please pray for them.

– Pray for young converts who need to be strengthened in the faith.

– Our church urgently needs $ 1,000.00 for the purchase of a sound system and musical equipment (guitar, piano, and percussion).

– Pray also for those who have had the grace to listen to the gospel, through our ministry, but who refuse to believe because of the attachments and advantages that they already have in their original assembly and from which they do not want to go from. May The Lord set them free, in Jesus Nam.

– Pray that the Lord will break all earthly and spiritual bonds that prevent many from believing.

– Pray for us that we will have a blessed and enriched end of year celebrations in the glory of our Lord.

We thank you. We love you and treasure your partnership. May God bless you!

Together, reaching Porto-Novo for Christ!


Jean & Florence