Dear Praying Partners,

I wanted to give you an update on Denise, asking that you please keep her before the Lord. Last Thursday she had an iron infusion which we all thought would help boost her system some and give her strength. However, it made her very sick, nauseated and she couldn’t keep anything down. Bear in mind, they said it could take a few days to see any results. By Sunday night, she was so sick I had to call an ambulance to get her to the ER. We spent all night in the ER where they loaded her up with IV’s and they gave her a blood transfusion of 2 units because her HMG had dropped to 7. Her HMG should be no lower than 12. She has been losing blood and they still haven’t discovered the reason behind that. They released her Monday morning and her HMG had increased to 8.9. Not great, but better. They have given her Zofran to help with the nausea and it has. Today is Wednesday and we go into the hospital this morning for another blood transfusion of 2 units to push up her HMG. Be reminded, the blood transfusions are just a Band-Aid to the real cause. However, the raising of the blood level will help her to feel a little better, we’re praying, while they discover the root cause of the blood loss. The next step according to our Hematologist is to do a bone marrow biopsy to find out why her body is not producing the blood.  We have a long road ahead and are asking for prayers for ANSWERS!!!! The sooner we get the answers, the sooner we can treat it. We see the Hematologist again next Tuesday. Please continue to pray for Denise as she is very weak, can’t eat much at all, and is completely exhausted. I am caring for her 24/7 and have a good idea of what exhaustion is 😉.


In addition, the medical expenses keep stacking up. Our insurance covers a great deal of it all, but the co-pays, the deductibles, out of pocket and some tests insurance will not cover and has left us looking at over $6000 we now owe.  The bright side of that is the thousands of dollars insurance has paid. Please consider helping us with these expenses. I have had to cancel my meetings through December to care for Denise as we walk this road together. Our support level had already dropped $1200 through the past few years of Covid and thus, love offerings were helping compensate that loss. However, now having to cancel meetings has made it much more difficult for us on top of Denise’s medical issues. We do thank the individuals and church’s that have increased our monthly support to help replace some of that initial drop in monthly support and for those that have already sent in funds to help with the expenses. Thank you all for loving us through this and for your many faithful prayers.


We know God’s timing is always perfect and He has got this!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING to each of you and your families.


With much love,

Jim for the Arnolds