Dear Partners in Ministry,

Warm Christian greetings from Jamaica.

“Yesterday, today, forever Jesus is the same. All may change but Jesus never, Glory to His Name.” (Albert B. Simpson) God still works miracles and that’s why we can be sending in this report for the quarter under review. By now, most of you would be aware of the motor vehicle accident that took place on September 8, 2021, in which I sustained a broken finger and rib as well as a punctured lung. A friend travelling with us also got a fractured rib. Thankfully, Launa escaped any serious injury. The vehicle is totaled.  We are just rejoicing that God spared our lives so we can continue to bloom where we have been planted.

Please pray for a full and speedy recovery for us as well as replacement of the vehicle. The person who caused the accident will be going to court on October 8, 2021. Please pray that the pertinent files will be prepared, and the necessary actions taken.


This ministry continues and benefits the members of both churches as well as the surrounding communities. We use this medium to express sincere gratitude to our partners and friends who assist financially with this ministry.


Church services continue both virtually as well as physically. The second wave of the pandemic has resulted in numerous revisions of the national COVID-19 protocols in the past three months. The latest, which began on Sunday, September 26, saw attendance at worship services being increased from twenty (20) to fifty (50) worshippers.

At both churches, however, because of physical distancing protocols we are only able to accommodate between 25 – 30 worshippers. Attendance at church remains low as many are fearful. Services are allowed between 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sundays are also designated as no movement days. Night services remain suspended due to curfew.

Ministry over this quarter has involved presiding over several funeral services as there have been a number of deaths within the church community and its environs

Plans are well on the way to commence our virtual Sunday School and local Women’s ministry in the upcoming quarter. Please pray with us in this regard. Activities such as evangelistic outreach and visitation remain on hold.


The property which we have long been praying about has finally been put up for sale. Thankfully we were given first preference and our offer of Ja $14.8 million (USD $102,100.00 ) has been accepted by the vendor. Within a month, we will have to make a deposit of 5-10% i.e. Ja $740,000 – $148,000 (USD $10,500 – $210,000). Please pray earnestly with us that we will be able to get the required funds. We have approached a bank for a loan. Please pray that we will be successful in this regard.

Prayer Requests

  1. Reduction in Covid-19 cases and deaths & adequate supplies of Covid 19 vaccines
  2. Funds to complete the building at Spice Grove
  3. Funds to acquire the four-bedroom house (adjoining our home and close to the Providence Baptist Church) which is now up for sale. We have long been praying to be able to acquire the property as it could be used as housing for ministry teams as well as other church-related outreach activities.
  4. The salvation of youths and men.


Pastor Godfrey Watson