Prayer letter and News from Benin


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Co-workers in God’s Field,

I greet you all in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus. Hope you are in good health! May the God of grace continue to look favorably on you so that you will not miss anything.

In Benin, God has accomplished great things for us and we are in joy.

First of all, we give thanks to the Lord for the health He grants us: my wife, our two boys, and I are doing well. We have been through a few moments of health uncertainty over the past two months, but everything is back to normal. Jered and Abdiel are properly growing in the grace of the Lord.

Also, by the grace of God, we were able to acquire a vehicle that is now being used as a means of transport in the ministry. It is a great encouragement to us that God will answer our prayers and take care of us. We thank you, dear partners, for your support in the realization of this project that we had submitted to you. May Almighty God bless you abundantly and make fruitful the work of your hands.

In the ministry, too, we see the hand of God at work. The month of April, which was Easter month, was celebrated in a special way in our churches. It was an opportunity for us to share the Gospel with the children, through the gifts they received. Various programs carried out by children, youth, and even adults have helped hammer home the Gospel message: Jesus Christ died and rose again on the third day for the salvation of everyone who believes.

In the same way, a door-to-door evangelization was done in the city of Porto-Novo where several people listened to the message of the Gospel and some of whom accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. It is our prayer that the faith of these will be strengthened and that they be added to the church for the glory of God.

Some prayer topics:

– May God open the doors of the Gospel to us and grant us the grace to make it known to those around us.

– That our churches be strengthened and that the members be strengthened despite the distance they travel each week to our various places of worship

– May the Lord grant the means for the construction of the temple of Zopah, the plan of which has already been decided.

– May God provide for our needs with grace and abundance.


God bless you all. Receive greetings from the brothers and sisters of the Vine Baptist Church in Benin.