Dear Pastor and Friends,

The month of May has come and gone and the coming of our Lord is a month closer. The trumpet could sound at any time, so we need to be busy giving out the Gospel while there is time.

I have come to the place that I hold onto the pulpit to make sure I don’t fall. I did preach on Wednesday, May 19th, and Sunday, May 21st, at Heritage Baptist Church in W. Melbourne, my sending church.

I finished my radiation treatments Friday, May 28th. I’ll have to wait for the results. I go back to the kidney doctor on June 27th to take the catheter out to see if the pills have worked and if not, he will put the catheter back and maybe discuss surgery.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support. I appreciate your faithfulness so very much. May the good Lord bless your labor for Him abundantly.



Glenn M. Stockton

The Pastor’s Friend