Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,   I bless God for the marvelously great work He is doing for us in Liberia through IGM. The vision of planting churches and church-related ministries is our CALLING. As such, we have established four local churches. To each of these local churches we assigned resident pastors; Young couples with their families. As related CHURCH MINISTRIES, we also established Christian High School, BIBLE INSTITUTE, soon to be raised to BAPTIST TEMPLE UNIVERSITY. The goal is to train Godly Servant Leaders who will carry out the functions of the Mission (Fundamental Baptist Evangelical Missions). There is a strong Youth Group named and styled THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHILDREN, YOUTH AND ADULTS FOR CHRIST. THE YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS component of the Council is engaged in massive/aggressive soul winning, from which we draw and assign Evangelists and Pastors. You can see how the Lord is taking minimum things and making maximum use of it. Already, we had acquired a parcel of land for the construction of the said Baptist Temple University. Request: The need for training young people to expedite the promulgation of the Gospel is first and foremost. Please pray for our Bible College Training.   Thanks a million.   Rev. Siaway Dahnkuan Bible Believing Baptist Church Liberia