Beloved in the Lord:


I thank God for every opportunity to connect and update you about the ministry of the Lord in

this part of our country.  I continue to pray for you and your country as well.  We cannot predict the future but we know from the Bible that “God Is our Refuge and Strength” in good and especially during troubled times.  He always protected His own people even in times of danger, like Noah, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Elijah, Esther, Paul, and a lot more.  In time of such difficult trials and testing, we look to God’s Word and these people of old.  Their deep devotion to God encouraged a lot.   Most of the time their situations were very unfavorable but their unwavering faith made them overcomers.  Even those who lost their lives were as well, examples of God’s power, He Is in charge and we need Him all days of our lives more than anything else.

Last month I got my first shot of the vaccine against the covid-19.  There were many who do not want the shot, but I chose to have if it means lesser restrictions in the days ahead to go to places especially if schools open up.   We are still praying for the big public schools.  The opportunity to bring to students and some faculty members the Bible Instructions happen only because of God’s working power.

As of this writing our province borders are again closed for people coming from other regions and countries.



–   your faithful prayers and support, God provides many needs through you, our partners and because of your generosity, the ministry continues to do its task to minister to Christians and win lost souls for Christ.

–   for the people around us that because of this pandemic are eager to know what’s in the Bible and listening to the preaching of God’s Word.

–    for the many answered prayers and protection at this critical time in the history of the world.

–    for the faithful Christians who continue to trust and serve our Lord at this pandemic.

–    successful wedding of Arno and Rocel April 27, 2021.

–    the church and school activities that have been done recently, the closing ceremony for the day school and the Day camp for young teens.   Praise God for His leading and guidance.

–    the window and door jamb for the new building have been set up.   Now the floor of the old building rooms are being elevated to avoid flooding and the torn roofs and ceiling are being repaired.



–     spiritual growth of our church people 2 Peter 3:18; faithfulness to God and His Word.

–     salvation of the neighborhood, may God remove the spiritual blindness, that they will understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ, accept Him so their lives will be fruitful and joyful

–     the completion of the new building project (80% done) and the drainage problem be worked out correctly in our area.   May each house affected cooperate and work to avoid flooding and danger.

–     the 36 young teens, their daily protection and follow up with the Word including their families.

–     the preparations for coming days ahead (should Christ tarry His rapture), daily protection and good health to continue equipping the saints and evangelizing the unbelievers.

–     22 barangays of Sta. Maria town that all will hear the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ’s Word alone.

–     my family.  For Dannel, Unno and Beryl and 3 children, Arno and Rocel, the newly wed, and Onyx legal adoption.   May we continue to grow in Christlikeness and serve our Lord in our lifetime.  May His grace and love encompass our daily life and works for His glory and praise

–     IGM, our Director Dr. & Mrs. Gary Newhart and workers who are faithfully serving our Lord and

taking good care for all of us missionaries stationed in many countries around the globe.


“God Is our Refuge and Strength, A Very Present Help in trouble”.-  Psalm 46:1

I am praying and always thanking God for you, you are God’s instrument to help in spreading God’s saving grace and keeping the ministry steady even during such time as this.   God Is with us, our Emmanuel God.

PS: Unno is hospitalized due to dengue, please pray for his fast recovery.