Dear Praying Partners,

What a wonderful Missions conference we shared in at a church located in Canon, GA, this past weekend. It was so refreshing to visit with the church people and see old missionary friends that we haven’t seen due to covid. It was such a sweet experience and really highlights the importance of assembling ourselves together with one another. Loved, loved, loved it!! Thank you, Pastor Riley, for the sweet fellowship!!!

This past year has been difficult for all of us in so many ways. However, what’s been exciting is that God’s Church continues to march forward. Even though things have been difficult for our African churches, our ministry in Ivory Coast has continued to grow and expand during this time. History bears it out that during the times of trials and persecution, that’s when the church has really grown and we are seeing that even today during the pandemic. God is so good and faithful and walks beside us each step of the way.

Just this past month, our pastors in Ivory Coast met together in the town of Guitry, where one of our new church plants is located, and held a four-day conference. During that time, they went over the IGM Policy Manual, talked about church planting strategies, and encouraged each other. In the evening, they held evangelistic meetings and saw 21 people come to a saving knowledge of Christ and baptized 3 people. Wow, what a glorious few days shared together! Our church in Guitry is needing a building and they have the opportunity of buying two parcels of land for $3500 total and we would love to put a large metal roofed pavilion on it for an additional $2000 which we would eventually close in with brick to form the church building. Five thousand dollars would be such a blessing and provide the meeting place for this new church plant with over 70 members already attending!!! God is so good.

In addition, we are in the beginning stages of starting another church in the Toumoudi area of Ivory Coast. This is an area that is in much need of a good Bible-believing church and the plans are already in motion. Plans for evangelistic meetings for this area have already been programmed and the people of this small town are asking for us to come. Pastor Emmanuel, our IGM Team Leader, shared with me that we are in need of better evangelism equipment to make this possible. He said we need to buy a good generator and sound equipment capable of projecting the message to a large open-air space. The equipment they have been using is 22 years old and they are having troubles with it not cooperating. We are looking at $2500 to replace this equipment for our church planting team. There is so much we can accomplish and just need a few funds to make this all happen. Please, prayerfully consider helping us with these Ivory Coast projects, either as a church project, your youth could take one on as a project, or a Sunday school class could get behind one. Just maybe, your family would be willing to help with one. What an encouragement it would be to our church-planting efforts in Ivory Coast and to our African pastors. Little is much when God is in it!!!!

In addition to our Ivory Coast ministries, our Faith Ministries International (orphan ministry) continues to grow and move forward. Covid has placed a real burden on keeping these children clothed and fed and provided for their medical needs. It only takes $35 a month to make a difference in one of these children’s lives. This $35 helps provide a home, food, and clothing for them. These children are raised in the Word of God and the majority of them are being taught in our local Christian schools provided through our National Pastors. This is a win-win situation for them and your monthly $35 goes a long ways to helping carry this out. Please be in prayer for these children and contact the IGM office if you would like to become involved in this effort. What a difference for life one can make for one of these little ones.

Lastly, in closing, I continue to ask you for PRAYER concerning Denise. Her pulmonary rehab has restarted due to being closed down by covid this past year. Before covid hit, she had progressed from a level one to a level three. She restarted the program last week back at a level one. Please pray for healing and that she would regain her strength and breathing capabilities. This truly has been a real struggle for Denise for the past two years and we’re trusting HIM FOR COMPLETE HEALING!!!!

Thank you, each one, for your faithful prayers and support in helping us make a small difference for His Kingdom in Ivory Coast and among the orphan children around the world.


With Much Love,

Jim for the Arnolds