Dear Friends,

I am so sad to share this news with you. My dear husband, my best friend, Kerry, has passed to Glory. Last week he had a cardiac arrest that caused him to fall while riding his bicycle. He died instantly, did not even know he fell. But when he was found 20 minutes later, he was revived by medical personnel & taken to the hospital. There the tests revealed he had severe, irreversible brain damage from lack of oxygen & blood flow to his brain. The fall also caused two broken bones in his neck, a tear in his heart, and a spinal cord injury. Kerry was never conscious after the fall, he never felt any pain. The neurologist suggested we give him 72 hours for his brain to “wake up”. He was on a breathing machine to sustain his life and after the 72 hours we, as a family in complete agreement, decided it was time to let him go. He passed at 12:17 Sunday afternoon on April 11. We are devastated because his death was so abrupt. He just went for a bike ride. I’m thankful for his faith & KNOW that he is rejoicing in Heaven with Jesus!

I ask for your prayers as we try to make it through these next weeks, realizing that this is real and not just some nightmare. I apologize for not contacting you sooner. All of your contact information is here on my home computer and I did not leave the hospital while he was there. The past few days have been very difficult, and I know the next few days will be more than I can handle. So I’m leaning on our Heavenly Father to strengthen me and the rest of the family.

The funeral is Saturday, April 17 at 3 pm. The visitation is at 2. Services are at Preston Hanley Funeral Home in Pekin Illinois. The day after the funeral there will be a video of the service on their Facebook page. The obituary is posted now on their website.

Thank you for your prayers! I appreciate each one!

Sharing from my broken heart,


Terri Psinas

IGM Missionary

Grenada, West Indies