May the peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all, partners. I thank God for His mercies upon my family and the ministry at large. He is Ebenezer.

It is a worldwide pandemic as we all know. Its more challenging here in Africa. As you all know, we lack facilities and even knowledge, but He has been faithful. The churches were really affected. The numbers dropped, but we thank God we are still going on with winning souls for Christ. Partners, it’s our prayer that you would pray for us. In the last two months, we have managed to plant a new church in Lungalunga at the border of Kenya and Tanzania and its really growing. Muslims are coming to Christ.

Our Bible school classroom is in a mess. Its leaking and we are trusting God to repair it so it can help nurture these ministers.


Prayer Items:


  1. Family support — $300
  2. Ministry expenses — $500
  3. Bible school repair — $1000
  4. The covid-19 challenge as lockdown is in effect again




  1. New church plant in Lungalunga
  2. Souls coming to Christ
  3. Baptism of 25 new members


It’s my prayer that God will intervene and allow our ministry, Calvary Bible Baptist Church, to keep growing.

In Him,

Godfrey Barasa