SHALOM dear partners and supporters of prayer. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abound in your life for your prayer and support. My joy is great and perfect, for our Lord has accomplished great things both in the ministry and in my family.

We had a baptism on March 13th and in all, 4 people identified with our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Sunday the 14th, we had a service of thanksgiving followed by Holy Communion.

We have innovated a method to win more children and young people called JSB (Biblical sports game) which is a ministry and, thanks be to GOD, we are bringing children and young people to Jesus Christ. Seeing that the Lord is manifesting Himself through this ministry, I pray that I use it to establish mission fields. We have a few games made by ourselves, but we are still missing a lot. Pray for the proper functioning of this ministry and the accompanying measures.

Lucie, my wife, was operated on for myoma on March 15th and, by the grace of God, everything went well. We give thanks to the Lord and we thank you for your prayers and support.



1 / Pray for the growth and strengthening of the church.

2 / Pray for a field and the JSB ministry (Biblical sports game).

3 / Pray that LUCIE, my wife, will recover.

4 / Pray for a motorcycle and for support for the ministry.


Your Servant,