Hello Eminent Servants of God.

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon you.

Indeed, I am animated with great joy in sharing news of the Church of Guitry with you. The subjects of my joy are:

My wife’s health is improving as a result of the financial support we have received from you for her care. I traveled with my wife from Guitry to Bouaké to a referral clinic, in the company of Pastor Emmanuel. My wife’s surgery by qualified doctors went very well by the pure grace of God. Today, my wife in her convalescence has rediscovered the joy of living as well as all my little family and the whole church.

  1. We received the visit of member pastors of IGM from Wednesday the 17th to Sunday the 21st of March 2021 for a conference aimed at the well-being and the growth of the work throughout the national territory under the direction of Pastor Emmanuel.
  2. During this conference, there were times of evangelization in the evenings through film screenings of which several people had the opportunity to hear the Gospel of the salvation of Jesus Christ among which 21 people accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.
  3. There are three members of the church who were baptized in the presence of Pastor Emmanuel.
  4. The church is doing very well and the work is progressing wonderfully to such an extent that Pastor Emmanuel offered to the church an amplified baffle with rod to the tune of 170,000 CFA, an appropriate instrument for the evangelization in order to encourage us.


And so beloved, it is this set of facts that is the object of my joy that I share with you. Praise be to the Name of the Lord.

Prayer Topics:

  1. Pray that God will give us the means so that we can build the walls of our courtyard.
  2. Pray that the Lord will give me a means of transport (motorbike) to better coordinate the various activities of the church.
  3. We have just found a plot of 2400 m2 (islet) up to 2,800,000 CFA. Pray that the Lord grants us the financial means to acquire it.


We will pray together with you.

May God grant us grace and hear us in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brother Janot N’gbra