Hello Dear Prayer Partners,

How are you all doing? We thank you all for your prayers and support. You have always been encouraging in our ministry and we thank God for you. We are all doing well in the Lord and praise Him for our family and the church, too.

We opened a church back in November 2020 called Huruma Baptist Church with 36 members, on four acres of land and its pastor is Naftal Ngala. The land cost cost $2,400.00. We paid $160.00. We also started a nursery school with 16 children in the church compound.

In January, we started another church, Muthepeni Community Baptist Church, which has 24 members. The members of this church worship under a mango tree and pray for at least a shelter as the rainy season is approaching.


Praise the Lord for the two new churches.


1. Please pray for the urgent need of a shelter which at first was underestimated at $700.00 but the actual cost for now is $5,000.00 for Muthepeni Community Baptist Church.
2. Please pray for the remaining $2,240.00 balance to buy the land at Huruma Baptist Church.

Please see the attached photographs of Muthepeni Community Church members plus myself.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you all.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Pastor Julius and Lydia Kadenge