Beloved in the Lord, it is a great joy for me to write you this letter. First of all, receive our fraternal greetings in Jesus Christ. We hope that you are all well by the grace of God. We express our gratitude to God and to the whole IGM family for the support you have given us in prayer, encouragement, and gifts that we have received from you during the year 2020. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts because thanks to your prayers and your support,  our ministry is progressing. Thank you for the financial support which has been invaluable to us. We were able to purchase for Happiness an educational tablet, with which she is flourishing. Your support for the reconstruction of our farm has allowed us to make bricks and we are starting the work. May the God of all excellent graces bless you further and strengthen our bonds of love for one another.

For this year 2021, we wish you health, peace, and spiritual fulfillment. Our prayer for you is that Numbers 6:24-26 may be the sharing of each one of you throughout this new year.

Our challenges in this year are many but by the grace of God and with your support, we will achieve great things for the glory of God.

The church in Bigtogo continues its little way with joy despite the many challenges. We celebrated Christmas with joy and with a focus on evangelization. So by the grace of God, many children and teenagers joined the church. On Sunday, we count more than 60 children at the service. Also, we continue to support them with Bible studies and schooling during the week. This is very much appreciated by their parents.

We have also identified a great need for the population of Bigtogo. This need, if it is met, could open doors for us to proclaim the Gospel and lead more people to the Lord. This is the need for a grain mill.  The village has nearly 2000 inhabitants and there is not a single grain mill in the whole village. To grind their grain for food, the women have to travel miles to do it in another nearby village. This even becomes impossible in the rainy season because the two villages are separated by a river and when the river rises, you cannot cross. Seeing the need, we pray that God will give us the means to do it as soon as possible. The acquisition of this tool will strengthen the witness of the church in the locality and will serve as a point of contact to share the Gospel.

This project requires the mobilization of $4,000.00. The purchase of the equipment will cost $3,000.00, the installation $600.00 and the small house to house the mill $400.00. We as a church can mobilize $400.00 to build the cottage and we pray for the shortfall of $3,600.00.

As for our farm which is the basis of our income, we need $1090.00 to complete the construction and restart our activities.

Please pray with us for the completion of the mill and to rebuild our farm. May God bless you. Happy New Year 2021.


1- Pray for the spiritual growth of the church; that converts will grow in their faith and that it will be a witness for their friends and families.

2- Pray that the Lord will increase the membership of the Bigtogo church.

3- Pray for my family and me so that we are healthy to continue serving our Lord.

4- Pray that God will provide the grain mill for the village of Bigtogo. $3,600.00

5- Pray for the financial need to rebuild our farm. $1,090.00

Ily, Happiness, Georgette and Kanfidini YONLI