Dear Prayer Partners,

How are you doing? Here we are doing well serving the Lord. I thank God for all he is doing through me. I take this opportunity to send you our appreciation and greetings from the IGMF pastors and trinity Bible Baptist Church. We thank you very much for your support which you have rendered to us.

I take this opportunity to thank you for the support you sent through Pastor John Wesonga for 15 orphan gifts for Christmas. I prepared tea and mandazi (similar to beignets) for the orphans and prepared lunch for the youths. The gifts given to them were as follows:

Boys: A shirt, trousers, shoes, 1 bar of soap and 1 bottle of movit jelly (similar to petroleum jelly).

Girls: A dress, shoes, 1 bar of soap and 1 bottle of movit jelly (similar to petroleum jelly).

We gave gifts to only fifteen but we still have more to be recruited. The guardians appreciated all the gifts. Present were the guardians, a member of the local council, and church members.

We thank God for the good turnout for our youth conference. The text was based on Ecclesiastes 12: 1-3 and called, “Remember Your Creator in Your Youth”. The conference lasted two days. The first day we had 340 youths and the last day we had 370 youths. If not for the coronavirus pandemic, we could have had more than that. We only had youths from one region, but we are expecting to organize another conference in Sebei land next year if funds will allow. From the Central region to Sebei land is 440 km round trip.

I recently baptized 15 people.

Please continue to pray that our ministry will grow spiritually and physically.

The church in Kisawayi greets you. I paid a visit to the Kisawayi church and we had two functions: a dedication and a baptism ceremony. I thank God for all went well. Five children were dedicated, and 15 fifteen Christians were baptized.

My wife, Irene, lost her father. I thank God for giving us strength when my wife and I were weak. I got courage when you sent me the Scripture from the book of John 14:1-4. Even though we borrowed some things, the whole function was successful. We just need to sort out what we borrowed. My wife and I are still strong to encourage others to be strong in faith.

February 10th – 13th I will be in the Sebei region for a leadership seminar. February 10th will be for travel, Sebei being 220 km away and I will be traveling by motorcycle. Then the seminar will be on 11th and 12th, and February 13th will be for traveling back home. So the journey both ways will be 440km.

We visited two churches which have fallen due to the strong storm, so they asked us to pray with them to rebuild those churches as named: Lomucheche Baptist Church and Lukalesi Baptist Church.


Paul and Irene Syaiti