Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

We greet you warmly in the Lord’s precious Name.

The year 2020 is past and gone. Everybody can say ”In the year 2020, I did this, I did that; in the year 2020 the Lord did this and that for me…”

Yes, my family remembers, in the year 2020, the Lord did not forget us in the ministry; you who are our brothers, sisters, and friends did not forget us, either. We are grateful. In the hectic days of the coronavirus, we saw the protective hands of the Lord. Our family is virus-free. Our clubbers and members are virus-free, too. We do not forget your donations and generous assistances that enabled us to provide food items to our people; even at Christmas, we purchased and gave out special food items (yams, rice, spaghetti, and chicken), so that parents can offer good meals to their children on the occasion.

Up to now, our church is still closed. We have chosen to visit the clubbers and members in their homes from time to time; we spend a few minutes sharing some words of exhortation and pray with them. All this is necessary because there is no possibility of conducting zoom presentations. However, people are interested in the Word of God.

To finish, here are some prayer requests:

–  Continue to pray for the opening of the worship places that are still closed.

– Pray for the hearts of people to be receptive to the Gospel.

–  Pray for the means to help repair our church building. It is necessary to use air bricks instead of the palm branch panels that are damaged by termites.

– Pray for stronger health for all.

– Pray for the need of additional ministry support.

We are grateful to you. May God be with and bless you.

In Christ,

Kossi, Agathe, Happy Joyce, Ariel, and Hope Anika